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Not a Voucher Program, Not a Time Share and Not a Vacation Club requiring membership dues. 
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Vacationwiser makes travel affordable. Cruises, family vacations, weekend getaways or adventure trips of a lifetime!

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    Vacationwiser® is a Division of LutherSales™. Since 1967, LutherSales™ has established itself as a leader in providing quality products and services affordably by using flexible payment options, tailored to fit comfortably within our customer's budget. In addition to furniture and appliances, LutherSales™ has extended its policy of offering premium products on affordable terms by selling exceptional cruise, resort and all-inclusive vacations.

    The holiday that you have always wanted is within reach without the worry of racking up huge credit card balances or depleting your savings account.Vacationwiser has made taking that well deserved break easy, fun and affordable. Whether it be a cruise, a family vacation, or the dream adventure of a lifetime, Vacationwiser® has the trip for you! We at Vacationwiser® believe that building a personal relationship with each and every client goes a long way. We deliver the "personal touch" by assigning each customer their own personal Vacation Consultant. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-358-2883 and ask your Consultant for help. You will never speak to strangers at Vacationwiser® by LutherSales™.

    We all work to establish a personal relationship with our customers by providing premium service in hopes that the most pleasant vacation shopping experience is had. As a testament to our efforts, the average customer has been doing business with us for over a decade. Try Vacationwiser® and you will see why. We look forward to serving you soon!

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