Take A Vacation For Your Health

Did you know that taking a vacation is good for your health? Studies showed 94% of vacations result in higher levels of happiness and energy! And yet, so many people are leaving their paid time off unused. According to an online survey from the GFK KnowledgePanel® as well as data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey, America’s have 658 million unused vacation days, while 222 million Americans lost them completely (days that cannot be rolled over, paid out, or banked for any other benefit). That’s an average of two full days per worker. So what’s holding Americans back from taking a well-deserved vacation?

Studies show that:

37% say it’s not easy to take time off

22% do not want to be seen as replaceable

28% think that by not taking a vacation, it shows greater dedication to their company.

It’s time that people put their needs and health first. Vacation leads to higher productivity, stronger moral in the work place, greater employee retention, and significant health benefits such as reduced stress, depression, and cardio vascular benefits. The Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial for the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease found that “men at risk for heart disease who skipped vacations for five consecutive years were 30 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who took at least a week off each year. Even missing one year’s vacation was associated with a higher risk of heart disease.” A study from the University of Vienna found that after taking time off from work, employees had fewer physical complaints such as headaches, backaches, and heart irregularities.

When it comes to taking time off, employees said their boss is the most powerful influencer on whether or not they take off. In fact, 80% of workers said that if they were fully supported and encouraged by their boss, they would be likely to take more time off. Actually, bosses should fully support and encourage their employees to take off. Here’s why:

51% of employees who take their vacations are more productive

31% show improved creativity

94% of employees who a vacation result in higher levels of happiness and energy

and 38% of employees stay with their organization longer

That’s a big one for employers looking to retain their employees and minimize turnover. In a 2011 Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey of human resource leaders, 60 percent said an attractive benefits package is “very important” in recruiting and retaining quality employees Vacation and PTO is considered part of these benefits. 

Why You CAN Afford a Vacation with Vacationwiser®!

What else is holding back American from getting some much needed R&R?  33% workers said they can’t afford a vacation…or so they think.

It’s no wonder Vacationwiser.com is the ultimate health and wellness plan! Vacationwiser® empowers you to vacation affordably, so while you unplug, de-stress and recharge, you can rest assure that you’re vacationing in a financially responsible way. Vacationwiser® is unique in that our patrons are permitted to travel while still paying for their trip!  It is a wonderful alternative to paying for a vacation upfront and in full before travel can take place.

Vactionwiser offers easy payment options via payroll deduction with 12 months’ interest free. Or save in advance with our Travel Savings Plan! Our Travel Savings Plan is an excellent way to put money towards your trip in advance. The amount you pay can be combined with your credit approval to allow you to purchase a larger vacation, or it can be deducted from the cost of your trip so that your balance is less. Another benefit of the Travel Savings Plan is that developing a credit balance enables you to travel without the prerequisite of 30 to 60-day waiting period. 

Our program is simple and easy. Follow these steps to get started.

Choose from tropical adventures, romantic destinations, family getaways, or create your own personal vacation based on your budget. No matter what kind of escape you’re looking for, let our Travel Consultants help you choose the vacation that best suits your needs, wants, and budget. Call us today 800-358-2883.

 Don’t shortchange your health, take a well deserved break with Vacationwiser.com.


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