The Vacationwiser Value Proposition

We have provided a short list of what you can come to expect with each vacation you plan:

  • Fast and easy credit approval designed to help those with less than perfect credit, limited or no access to credit cards or limited savings accounts reserved for a true emergency.
  • A designated spending limit that enables you to go and shop on our dynamic search engine. Easy to use; simply create your own hotel or hotel/air package and receive your dynamic pricing instantaneously.
  • Budgeted payments tied to your employer’s payment frequency; we place a high emphasis on ensuring that your payments are always affordable and responsible in relation to your income and other outstanding payment obligations.
  • Travel as soon as 30-days on hotel stays or as soon as 60-days on air and cruise packages from receipt of your opening payment
  • Valued pricing; we call it valued pricing because we place a premium on our ability to bring travel to thousands of customers who are unable to experience a true luxury vacation…..yes we are definitely more than Priceline, Travelocity and Expedia however, none of those companies will provide you easy credit, extended payments or a 1-year interest free offer. We do our very best to deliver valued pricing that’s balanced with the less than perfect credit of the many customers we serve.
  • Your timely payments get reported to the credit bureaus, which helps restore and build credit.
  • Dedicated travel specialists to assist you with cruises, excursions and any other special travel requests.
  • No long hold times and personal levels of service, just like things used to be before the retail environment changed. You will actually get to know your travel specialist.
  • World Class Customer Service

We at VacationWiser are committed to providing you with the very best travel experience.  Our pledge to you is to work hard to earn your business.  To do our very best to make you feel good about the value we provide.