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VacationWiser can finance your Vacation Home rental.  A vacation home, or short-term rental, can be a cost-effective way for multiple people to travel together. Vacation Homes or Condos (apartment-like complexes) can provide more amenities than a hotel room and are often located in out of the way places where a hotel room may not be practical. 

Another nice thing about Vacation Homes is “no lobby”.  You are given an entry code for the door and you go right to your house – there is no waiting around for your key from the front desk.  When you are ready to leave, you just close the door behind you.  

Keep in mind, you will do your own cooking and cleaning, rather than having the housekeeping staff take care of it.  You will be expected to clean up your dirty dishes and may be asked to take out the trash before leaving.  Some owners will also ask you to put sheets and towels in the laundry.

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing a short-term rental:

·        Cost per night is not the only cost to worry about.  Most companies add service fees, cleaning fees, owner fees, linen fees, local taxes and more that can double the costs.

·        Many homeowners require a Refundable Damage Deposit that covers damage up to a certain amount.  This is usually shown when you click on booking details.  You will get this back after you leave. 

·        Some large booking sites, like Vrbo, offer Damage Protection.  $59 gets you $1500, $79 gets $3,000 and $119 gets $4,500.

·        Trip Cancellation Insurance may be available but often not until after the booking process has been completed.

·        Sometimes the homeowner will turn down your request.  Look for Instant Confirmation on some sites.

VRBO and Homeaway – www.Vrbo.com and www.homeaway.com

Both are owned by Expedia and use the same interface.  They share properties so whatever you see on one you will see on the other.  These sites only offer full-house rentals, no shared spaces, unless the property is part of a multi-room complex.  Travelers can access plenty of photos and are shown the full-price breakdown plus deposits.  VRBO/Homeaway charges a service fee roughly equal to 5% of the booking.  You may use the site to communicate with property owners.  Many owners will allow you to reserve with a deposit, usually about 40% of the total cost and make final payment 30-60 days in advance.  You may not know the location or access information until about 2-3 weeks prior to stay.

Airbnb – www.airbnb.com

Has abundant listings in most popular travel destinations, and its site is cleanly designed and easy to use.  One downside, Airbnb does not like working with 3rd parties so it could be difficult for us to finance them.  You can filter your selection by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, rating, price, number of guests and facilities.  The site tends to be more popular for rooms in a home rather than full house rentals.

Expedia – www.expedia.com

Has a dedicated rental search page.  There is a good selection but the site will often give you hotels, even when you just ask for vacation homes.  You can search on the map but you will not be able to use the site’s filter option so it can be clumsy.  There is no way to contact the property owners.  The total price will not be displayed until you click “reserve” and then you will not be given a detailed breakdown of all the fees.

Hometogo – www.hometogo.com

This is really a meta-search site and does not maintain its own inventory.  Instead, the site searches multiple vacation rental sites at the same time for you and then offers the results.  It has a clean format with thousands of properties. When you click on a property you are taken to the listing site.  Like most meta-search sites, the deal displayed on the Hometogo site is not always the deal you get at the listing site.

Tripping – www.tripping.com
Purchased by Hometogo in 2019, they are almost identical, but not completely.  There are times you will find more listings on one site than the other, so it doesn’t hurt to search both.

Flipkey – www.flipkey.com

Founded in Boston, MA in 2007, it was purchased by TripAdvisor in 2008.   Its aim is to allow users an easy and safe way to book vacation properties.  Flipkey now boasts over 300,000 properties in 11,000 cities in the U.S. and internationally.  You are able to communicate directly with the property owners through the site.  They offer similar options as Airbnb but only offer private rooms and entire property rentals.

Vacation Home Property Managers

These are companies that own or manage the properties themselves.  They offer their own websites but often are included in the other sites mentioned above.  The nice thing is that these companies are involved in the everyday use of these properties.  They may not offer as many selections throughout the country as the major sites do and they may be more concentrated in certain markets, like Orlando. 

Vacasa – www.vacasa.com

Based in Portland, Oregon and founded in 2009 they have 25,000 properties in their system covering 33 U.S. states and 18 countries.  Many of the vacation rentals we have booked for our guests have been through Vacasa.  

Onefinestay – www.onefinestay.com

This site is known for their inventory of high-end homes with personal service.  Their focus is on urban apartments, country villas and homes in such places as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco as well as international destinations like London and Rome.  To date, they have over 1,500 properties in multiple countries.

Evolve Vacation Rental Property Management – www.evolvevacationrental.com

Based in Denver, CO and founded in 2011, their aim is to make renting vacation properties easy for both the traveler and the owner.  This site often shows up in Homeaway/Vrbo listings.  To date they have over 14,000 rental properties available, mostly in the U.S. with more than 2 million guests.  

Turnkey Vacation Rentals – www.turnkeyvr.com

Only founded in 2012, Turnkey Vacation Rentals has grown to be one of the biggest property managers in the U.S.   It is based in Austin, TX and is a full-service vacation rental property management company which operates over 5,000 properties, 24/7.

iTrip Vacations Property Management – www.itrip.net

This company manages 3,000 properties in 92 cities in the U.S. and Canada.  Based in Nashville, TN and operating since 2008, they allow the traveler to communicate directly with the property owner through the site.

VTrips Property Management – www.vtrips.com

They own multiple brands such as Vacation Rental Pros, Jackson Mountain Homes, Hilton Head Rentals & Golf, Waterfront Vacation Rentals, Cabin Fever Vacations and more.  With 1800 properties in Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, New Mexico and Hawaii, they are known for their selection of “rural villas”.

American Patriot Getaways – www.patriotgetaways.com

Known for their chalet and cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  They offer over 400 properties in the Smoky Mountains.  Home sizes range from private 1-bedroom log cabins to large 13-bedroom estates.

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